Danilo is an accomplished CG artist who has worked at companies such as
Weta Digital for the motion picture "King Kong"
and Midway Games creating cinematic openings for games such as
"Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance" and "Red Card". 
Danilo has created an independently produced an animated short called "Blood Bunnies" after three years of production in his spare time!
His fascination with art and animation began in 3rd grade when his talents
were recognized by his teachers in Alaska,
where he was sent to an art program for gifted children!
After a short lived tenure as Engineering major, Danilo switched and earned a
Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Oregon State University.
He bought his first animation software, 3DStudio for DOS,
as a junior in college and the best was yet to come.
written by Elan Buendia